Our Story

Joyful & Blissful

We found JaBelle to bring happiness to every moment of women in the world. JB means Joyful & Blissful. These are the real meanings of JaBelle. Having spent many years working for traditional jewellery brands, we believe it's the right time to eliminate the opaque practices and retail markups. 


JaBelle jewellery packaging

Love yourself, Love the Earth

Sustainability is not a new idea. We love our planet and our next generation, every piece created by JaBelle is sustainably crafted. 

How? Starting with recycled metals and packaging materials and small batch productions that are all kind to our Earth. Our silver jewellery contains recycled and conflict-free metals (silver and gold). We believe these pieces are comparable to those manufactured in tradition ways, but bringing more joy and bliss to those who wear them. We cannot forget about packaging, jewellery box is made from recycled materials. It's simple yet elegant.  

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Only 925 Sterling Silver

Our products are made with nickel-free sterling silver, standard materials in high quality jewelry. Cheap jewelry is typically made with brass, bronze, copper and stainless steel; all of which will have significant disadvantages, e.g. durability of plating, oxidation over time, allergies, and a high risk of turning your fingers green!

Why only Silver? Silver is one of the most precious metal after gold. Wearing silver has been a long history since ancient civilization. And it is proved to have benefits for health nowadays.  Read more about benefits of wearing silver